Parents Speak About Dr. Singer

Carole G., Phoenix

Every parent who plans for a son's Bris is anxious about the scheduling and of course the procedure, but Dr. Singer was wonderful throughout the entire process. Despite his own busy schedule, he made himself easily available when we were trying to schedule the Bris, which of course is always difficult until the baby is born and known to be healthy. The ceremony was extremely meaningful, relatively painless for our son, and free of complications, aided by the clear instructions he gave for follow up care. Dr. Singer did not charge for his services, and instead suggested a donation to a Jewish organization. How fortunate for our son that his entrance into the Jewish covenant was ushered by such a Mensch.

Julie B., Phoenix

We welcomed Dr. Singer into our home to perform the ceremonies for all three of our children: a baby naming for our daughter in 2002 and bris/baby namings for our sons in 2007 and 2011. Dr. Singer is extremely warm, knowledgeable, experienced and accommodating. He took the time to meet with us prior to the birth of our oldest child to describe the ceremonies and help us prepare. Dr. Singer communicated with us often to check on all of us, select a date and time for the ceremony and continue planning the ceremony with us. He always made our ceremonies personal and meaningful, and connected with us and with our guests. We chreish the memories of all three ceremonies and are thrilled that Dr. Singer was at the heart of those most special days in our lives.

J.K. & K.K. Mesa

From the moment we contacted Dr. Singer for his "Bris Services", we knew we were in good hands. Dr. Singer walked us through, step by step, making our family feel very at ease. Dr. Singer took it upon himself to outline every moment of the ceremony, complete with Hebrew scripture and explanations for those in attendance. As the father, I was able to actually participate in one of the most memorable and important days of my life. In fact, after the ceremony, many of our guests commented on his professional nature and the outstanding job he did. We can't thank Dr. Singer enough! His instruction afterward in caring for our son's circumcision was amazing. We followed his advice verbatim and 6-7 days later all was good. Here in Arizona it's not easy to find a Mohel, let alone one like Dr. Singer! We highly recommend his services.

Gabi M. (also on Yelp!)

Since we weren't sure if we were going to have a son or daughter, I contacted Dr. Singer months ahead of time so he could "pencil me in" his schedule just in case. Sure enough, we had a boy, and thankfully, it worked out that Dr. Singer could be there. We worked out all of the arrangements in a short amount of time, since the bris is performed on the eighth day after the baby is born.

Over a handful of phone conversations, Dr. Singer prepared me for what we would need to know ahead of time (ie: a bottle of kosher wine, a pacifier, a bottle for the baby, candles, our hebrew names, etc...) and we came up with a time and location that worked. We also let him know the baby's Hebrew name, who he was named after, which family members would be taking part in the ceremony, and how many others would be in attendance.

We thought the ceremony was just the right length of time, Dr. Singer was personable and professional, and included the attendees int the ceremony as well, which was a nice touch. He informed us of the after care instructions for the circumcision, and also followed up the next day to make sure Baby M was recovering ok. (He was!)