Dr. Alan Singer - Phoenix Jewish Community

Giving Back to the Jewish Community

In lieu of professional fees, I recommend a contribution to a Jewish charity in honor of your brit / bris. The charity will acknowledge this, and the donation can be listed on your income tax return.

Jewish Leaders Speak About Dr. Singer

Stuart C. Turgel

President, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix

[A September 2009 article in the Jewish News] describes the extraordinary level of charitable support ($100,000 per year) that, for so many years, Dr. Alan Singer, a Phoenix pediatrician, has been helping to channel to local Jewish communal organizations.

"Yasher koach, Dr. Singer. Thank you, and may you enjoy continued strength to continue performing your countless and important mitzvot."

Rabbi Mari Chernow

Senior Rabbi, Temple Chai, Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Singer is a wonderful mohel. He is warm, kind, professional and very knowledgable in the Jewish tradition. Families always appreciate the care he provides for them and for their children. I always enjoy working with him; he conducts a beautiful Brit.

Rabbi John A. Linder

Senior Rabbi, Temple Solel, Paradise Valley, AZ

One of the wonderful benefits of being in such a large Jewish community as Phoenix is Jews have lots of choices. This is true when making a decision on choosing a mohel for one of Judaismís most ancient and sacred traditions, the brit. [Based on my experience with] five years in Chicago, and now [being] blessed to serve as a rabbi in Phoenix, Dr Alan Singer is as good as they come. Dr Singer brings the expertise of being a pediatrician and the experience doing thousands of ritual circumcisions over many years in the community. Dr Singer brings holiness to the ceremony, while ensuring the eight day old baby boy is the number one priority. From advice before the brit, the ceremony itself, and aftercare follow-up, no family or infant boy could be in better hands than Dr Singer. (Additionally, Dr Singer performs each brit as a mitzvah - and the community is the beneficiary of each dollar for tzedakah)

Rabbi Elana Kanter and Rabbi Michael Wasserman

The New Shul, Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Alan Singer is the ideal Mohel. He brings to his work a comprehensive medical knowledge from his background in pediatrics, and a lifelong commitment to Jewish tradition that has included advanced training in the halachot (Jewish laws) of Brit Mila. His professional demeanor and qualifications reassure parents of newborns that they are in good hands. His understanding of Judaism, his adherence to Jewish tradition, and his ability to work with clergy across the Jewish spectrum, reassure his rabbinic and cantorial colleagues that the integrity of this central ritual is also in good hands. He is committed to making himself available so that the bris can take place on the eighth day, and he has driven hours from his home in order to help fellow Jews bring their sons into the Covenant of Abraham. We feel extremely fortunate to have a mohel of this caliber in our community, and we know that hundreds of families join us in that sentiment.

Linda Feldman

Family Education Coordinator, Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Phoenix

I have personally witnessed so many britot that you have performed and have been most impressed with your caring and gentle manner. You do an excellent job of preparing the parents on what to expect, on how to care for the baby before, during and after the circumscision and how to plan for the occasion itself. In addition, you have worked hard to make each and every brit a meaningful and beautiful religious ceremony for all involved. Each ceremony is tailored to meet the needs of each family. If non-Jewish relatives are present, you find a way to help them feel welcome and to be a part of the experience. Many young couples have expressed their gratitude and happiness with how you conducted the ceremony and your genuine interest in the baby in the days following the procedure.

I am most appreciative of the many times you have spoken about Brit Milah at the Bureau of Jewish Educationís program JEWISH BABY UNIVERSITY. Sharing your knowledge and expertise has greatly added to the program.